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About FastAndEasy-Recipes.com

Well, it’s really about you, isn’t it?

You know exactly what it’s like… you are pressed for time.  These days, who isn’t?  You also know that spending one more evening meal, or one more dollar, at fast food restaurants or delivery is simply not a sustainable option.  You need good food, you need home-cooked food.  You need fast and easy recipes to do the trick.

And it’s about your family, isn’t it?

They deserve home cooked meals, as much as you do.  And with FastAndEasy-Recipes.com, you know at least exactly what is going in to what your family is getting.  Of course, it may not be the healthiest at all times, but you have to know it’s better than Big Macs and Whoppers, or another delivery of General Tso’s Chicken and greasy lo-mein or a large pepperoni…

And of course, our time is so limited; truly our most valuable resource.  Money – we can usually find some way to make more of, but time, well once it’s gone, there’s no getting any of it back.  And that time we do have should be spent on what we love – pursuing activities to help us relax, to help us become better people, and to have with our family and loved ones.

Luckily one of the things we here at FastAndEasy-Recipes.com love, and are truly passionate about, is food – glorious food!  And we’re bringing it to you in fast and easy form.

We’ll deliver it to you in many forms.  Some may be video slide shows, some may be audio downloads, and others may be just simple, good ol’ pictures and text.  But we’ll get it to you in whatever format we can so you can get dinner done and get on with your life.

Can’t boil water?  Not a problem.  We’re not here to daunt you with fancy-schmancy gourmet techniques designed to make you feel 2-inches tall.  We’re all about getting it done.
Will we have techniques you don’t know about?  Surely so.  Will we look down our noses at you for not knowing what we’re talking about?  No way.  We’re here to help and educate.

So go ahead, enjoy our site!