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Kitchen Tongs!

Fancy Kitchen Tongs

Fancy Kitchen Tongs

Just picture it:  you’re in a frenzy, bouncing like lightening around the kitchen.  Your first instinct it
to grab something but you just can’t:

Ouch!  It’s hot!  Eeeewww!  It’s raw!  Oh gosh!  It’s too slippery!  If I could just grab it with my hand…

Well, that, my dear friend, is what this Equipment Essential is all about.  Yes, we’re talking about
our indispensable kitchen tongs!

On thing I never grasped (pun intended, apologies extended) is why most people don’t use them
in their home kitchen.  You see, I worked for years in all kinds of restaurant kitchens, from
mom and pop greasy spoons to French and Italian haute cuisine.  And in every one of them
we all (cooks / chefs) used tongs.  In fact, I usually had a row of about 10 to 15 in my station.

So why, pray-tell do we not use them at home as often?
Just think about it, in any situation you need to grab something relatively
small and light (yeah, just try picking up a smoldering cast-iron
with tongs… small and light people), tongs will be a life saver!

Want some examples?

How about frying bacon – great to just grab those yummy little slices of Babe and
give ’em a little flip rather than trying to use a spatula.  You know how that goes:
sliding the slices all around, until they’re all jumbled up together.  With our
kitchen tongs, that will be a thing of the past!

Got some chicken breasts frying in the pan? Grab them and give them

Plain Jane Kitchen Tongs

Plain Jane Kitchen Tongs

a flip!  Nice and easy.

Blanching a bunch of asparagus?  Reach in to that boiling water with your fingers
and you’ll be having  a pretty bad day from then on out.  But with kitchen tongs,
you just grab the asparagus and plop the bunch into ice water and your blanching
comes out perfect!

Grabbing a delicious buttery croissant from the toaster oven? Don’t fry
your fingers with the hot butter!  Use kitchen tongs!

Boiling pasta needs a bit of a stir?  Yep, you guessed it, kitchen tongs…
You can even grab a few strands and check it the pasta is al dente.

Taking your baked potatoes out of the oven?  Once again,
kitchen tongs to the rescue!

And there are probably thousands more uses…

Not only are there tons of uses, there are tons of types of kitchen tongs a well.
You’ve seen them, haven’t you?  The old 99 cent ones made from light weight
stainless steel.  The fancy-schmancy titanium ones with heat-resistant
silicone tipped ‘grabbers’ and handle insulation.  The olive wood hand-hewn-
by-a-100-year-0ld-artisan-in-some-far-off-pastoral-land ones…
You get the point.  Plenty to go around.

Me?   Personally I have a couple of the plain jane stainless steel ones and one
of the fancy-schmansy silicone tipped ones.

What should you do?  Go out and get a feel for them, literally.  Go to the
kitchen supply store and get a good handle on them and find out what feels
right for you.