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Not Just Scraping By…

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I realize that so far, my ideas about equipment essentials for the kitchen are mostly simple devices that make a revolutionary change in the kitchen.

This time is no different!

This month, the honor of Equipment Essential goes to on little piece of plastic (or silicon) that has a thousand uses.
I’m talking about that wonderful thing called a dough scraper.
Don’t let the name fool you!  I rarely use it for making dough.  But it certainly has it’s place of honor, not to mention priority in the drawer so I can grab it quickly!

The Essential Dough Scraper

The Essential Dough Scraper

I use it for safely scraping up food I have been chopping (instead of the French knife blade, which has, quite frankly, lead to me cutting myself one time too many) and tossing it into a bowl, sautee pan, or wherever.  I also scrape off said knife blade with my dough scraper so my fingers don’t get cut anymore…  I bled for 3 hours last time I cut myself like that!  Ouch!  It was like a paper cut on steroids!

I use it for cleaning the last few drops of batter out of the mixing bowl when I’m making a cake, brownies, or other battery goodness.  Then I use it for cleaning off counter tops and scraping off doughy fingers.

It’s great for actually using it when you do have dough… cutting rolls of cookie dough, cutting scones into the right size and shape.

The one I use is a semi-hard but flexible rubber blade.  It is curved on one side, which contours nicely with all kinds of bowls, pots, and pans.  The other three sides are straight edges, and are excellent for cutting through semi-hard substances, and even for mixing up dry ingredients.  I suppose you could even use it to mix with instead of a handled spatula or mixing bowl… I’ll have to try that sometime.

So as we come into the holiday cooking season, it’s time to make sure that among your equipment in your kitchen is this month’s Equipment Essential!

Thank you so much for being a part of this month’s FastAndEasy-Recipes.com Equipment Essentials readers!