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Quick Cooking Tips – Bringing out the French in You!

Quick Cooking Tips – Bringing out the French in You!

November 15, 2012 @ 7:31 am
by JMacaspac
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Bringing out the French in You!

It’s funny, how many of the foods that start with the word “French” aren’t actually French at all. Who doesn’t love a big pile of fresh, hot French toast in the morning, or a crisp bowl of French fries with their burger or hotdogs?

The great thing about these “French” foods is that you can easily make them at home, and they are great for breakfast (French toast), or a quick snack (both French toast and French fries). Sure, you can get them in your frozen food section, but like all things, home-made always tastes better, and you know just what ingredients are getting put into your food.

Here are some quick tips to making great French toast at home:

•    For French toast, the best bread to be used is wide loaf bread.  You want the bread to be able to soak up a moderate amount of the milk and eggs so that it fries up nicely.

•    For a more tangy taste, try using buttermilk instead of fresh milk.

•    French toast always goes great with a sweet and tangy accompaniment, so try using fresh fruits, jams or marmalades with your French toast. For the sweet part, powdered sugar, syrups or honey would be a great bet.

Here are some quick tips to making French fries at home:

•    There are several cuts of French fries available, such as regular, criss-cross, crinkle cut, thick cut and wedge. You can either use a sharp knife to cut them (if you’re cutting regular or wedge fries) or a special fry cutter for other shapes. Special fry cutters can be bought at most food stores.

•    Most potato varieties can be used to make French fries, but if you want the iconic, golden, crispy French fries, then you should go for popular varieties such as Burbank, Russet or Bintje potatoes.

•    Make sure that you coat your potato slices in a light dusting of flour or cornstarch so that they don’t stick to each other. It would also help if you shake the pot while cooking, however, make sure not to agitate the pot too much because it may cause the oil to splash out.

•    Make sure that your oil is nice and hot before frying, otherwise, you might end up with soggy fries.

•    Make sure to use neutral flavored oil such as vegetable or corn oil; if you use flavored oils such as olive, sesame or coconut, you might inadvertently flavor your fries.

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