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Quick Cooking Tips – How to Make Home Made Caramel

Quick Cooking Tips – How to Make Home Made Caramel

December 13, 2012 @ 7:11 am
by JMacaspac
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How to Make Home Made Caramel

Caramel…perhaps one of the few things that you can add to pretty much any dessert to make a rich, sweet dish even richer and sweeter. There’s something about a thick, gooey ribbon of smoky, golden-brown caramel that really makes a dessert all the more decadent and sinful. Caramel is a dipping or topping sauce can also add another layer of flavor to any dish.

While there are a lot of brands that offer a ready-made caramel, making your own caramel at home is quick and easy, and requires only a few ingredients.

The first method of making caramel sauce is using sugar, water, vanilla and cream. First, make sure to use a non-stick sauce pan. You can use either brown or white sugar, although brown sugar gives a deeper, smokier flavor, as well as a deeper color when melted.  Make sure that you create an even layer of sugar on the bottom of the sauce pan, and add some water. Make sure that you keep the melted sugar away from cold water because this messes up with the structure of the melted sugar, and causes the sugar to re-crystallize. There’s no resurrecting the caramel if you accidentally add cold water at this point. Keep stirring the mixture gently to make sure that the sugar doesn’t stick to the sides as well. Also, make sure that the temperature is kept at a low heat; patience is everything in making a good caramel.

Once the sugar has melted completely, stop stirring the mixture. Add the vanilla and butter for more flavor, and a shiny gloss, respectively. Do not add too much butter to the mixture, because too much oil in the mixture will cause the butter to split from the caramel, and create a greasy film, which leaves you with unattractive and unappetizing caramel. You’ll probably have to create another batch!

Lastly, if you’re too busy to keep on paying attention to your caramel, one quick way to create caramel is by placing a can of condensed milk into a pot of boiling water. Make sure that the water always covers the can, and leave it there for around 2-3 hours. Then you can take out the can, let it cool, and open it, and you’ll be surprised by the ooze of dark, golden brown caramel. The sugars in the condensed milk have caramelized slowly, and the whole concoction has thickened and sweetened even more. However, while this is a great and easy way to make caramel, it won’t have that smoky undertone that you get from stove-made caramel.

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