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Quick Cooking Tips – Making Crepes at Home

Quick Cooking Tips – Making Crepes at Home

December 27, 2012 @ 7:26 am
by JMacaspac
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Making Crepes at Home

Crepes are one of those sudden craving kinds of desserts. Most people don’t really think about eating crepes, but when they do think about it, suddenly all they can think about is getting their hands on a hot, freshly prepared crepe with their favorite filling.

A lot of restaurants offer crepes as either a dessert (if the filling is sweet), or as a snack (if the filling is savory). These days, crepes are becoming so popular that there are even kiosks in the mall dedicated to cooking up crepes that you can enjoy and eat while walking around!

If you’ve ever watched a crepe being made in a mall, or perhaps one of these kiosks, it does look difficult and a bit technical; however, with some practice and with the right kitchen equipment, you could be making your own crepes at home.

Here are some quick tips to making crepes at home:

•    The basic part of the crepe is the batter, and it is actually essential that you make the right consistency of the batter. If the batter is too thick, your crepe might end up like a pancake. If it is too thin, the crepe might tear during cooking. You can experiment with the right ratio of flour, sugar and water; or you can look for recipes online or in a cookbook.

•    There are two things that you need to cook crepes. The first is a flat, smooth grill or crepe pan, which you can buy in most cooking supply stores. The smooth surface is important so that your crepe cooks smoothly and evenly. The second thing you need is a spreader, which you can also buy in the same stores. It allows you to spread out the batter thinly and evenly.

•    Make sure you brush the surface of the grill with oil or butter to make sure that the crepe does not stick.

•    Crepes cook fairly quickly, so be ready with a spatula to turn, and quickly remove your crepe once there is slight browning on the surface.

•    The filling of the crepe is where you want to get creative. You can pretty much choose from a wide array of sweet or savory fillings. Classic sweet fillings can include chocolate, caramel or fruits, while savory fillings can be either meat or dairy.

•    Toppings can also go well with crepes, such as honey, syrup or powdered sugar.

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