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Quick Cooking Tips – Making the Perfect Rice at Home

Quick Cooking Tips – Making the Perfect Rice at Home

January 17, 2013 @ 7:41 am
by JMacaspac
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Making the Perfect Rice at Home

There are very few people in the world that won’t find their tummies rumbling when faced with a big pile of hot, freshly cooked and perfectly steamed rice. Almost no meal is complete without that bite of filling, hot rice that can accompany pretty much any viand or side dish.

There are so many different kinds and cooking styles of rice to choose from that you would probably never get tired! Even if you choose to cook a certain style or cuisine of rice per week, it would virtually take you months to try them all. What’s more, you don’t really need any new-fangled device or cooking unit to create rice; all you need is a simple rice cooker, or even a large pot, if you don’t have an automatic rice cooker in your kitchen.

Here are some quick tips to cook rice:

•    Always make sure that the type of rice that you are using is the one recommended in the recipe that you want to try. The different grains of rice differ in the amount of starch they contain, and the amount of water they need to cook properly, as well as the cooking time.

•    Be sure that you are putting the correct amount of water in the cooker. Too much water, and the rice will turn out soggy, or the cooker will overflow. Too little water, and the rice will turn out undercooked.

•    Generally, the rule of thumb is too place your middle finger lightly on the surface of the rice vertically. The water should reach up to the first crease in your finger. However, the best thing to do is still to follow the directions on cooking the rice properly.
•    If you’re lucky enough to have your own automatic rice cooker, you can just put the rice and the water inside the cooker, press a button and walk away. However, with the stove top method of cooking, you may need to stir the rice throughout the cooking process to ensure even cooking.

•    When the rice is halfway done, you can add seasonings, herbs or spices so that they can also get cooked with the rice and infuse the rice with their flavor.

•    Once the rice is done cooking, allow it to rest and cool for around 15 minutes so that all the moisture is absorbed into the rice. You can then break the rice with a spatula to let it aerate so that you get fluffy rice.

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