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Quick CookingTips – Quick Tips to Making Burritos

Quick CookingTips – Quick Tips to Making Burritos

January 24, 2013 @ 7:48 am
by JMacaspac
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Quick Tips to Making Burritos

Burritos are Mexican staple food; no matter where you go in Mexico, whether it be a high-end Mexican restaurant or a hole in the wall kind of joint, you’re most probably going to find burritos on the menu. However, you don’t have to go to Mexico to be able to satisfy your Mexican cravings; heck, you won’t even have to step out of your own home and go to your local Mexican restaurant. All you need is some time and patience in the kitchen, as well as a little bit of creative flair and willingness to experiment.

Making burritos at home is not only quick and easy, but also great for everything from a snack to a full-on meal. Since burritos can be stuffed with anything from proteins to starch to vegetables, you can already have a complete meal in one burrito.

Here are some quick tips to making your own burritos at home:

•    Like a lot of great Mexican food, the base of the burrito is the tortilla wrapping. You can make a basic tortilla wrap at home by mixing a simple flour, water, oil and salt dough, then kneading it and flattening it out into disks. A quick heat on top of an oiled girdle or pan, and you are ready with the base. Generally, a good tortilla wrap is around 6” in diameter, although you can make it smaller or bigger, depending on the filling that you’re going to put in.

•    Make sure to roll out the tortilla wrap to just the right thickness. Too thin, and the wrapper will tear, especially if you’re going to put in heavy fillings such as rice and beans. Too thick, and you’ll get more wrapper in your mouth than filling with every bite.

•    If you’re going to use beans such as kidney or pinto, make sure to soak them in warm, clean water overnight, both to let the beans absorb the water, and to wash the beans clean.

•    Make sure to cook the rice before using it for filling. For more flavor, cook the rice in stock such as meat or vegetable so that even the rice adds another flavor layer to every bite.

•    Vegetables are a great addition to burritos, so why not try sautéing a medley of earthy vegetables such as zucchini, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes for a zingy addition to your burrito?

•    If you can’t live without your meat fix, you can pretty much go crazy with the protein part of your burrito. Try different meats, or a combination of them, such as beef and pork, or lamb, or even shrimp and crab!

•    To round off your burrito, a garlic-cream sauce, a guacamole or a salsa siding works well.

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